Integration with Square E-commerce

You can use Square to process online and in-person POS payments. This article provides instructions on how to connect Square so you can accept online payments from your booking page and manually charge credit cards (inputting the card details) from your Bookeo dashboard.

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In this article:

Set up the integration with Square e-commerce

To set Square as payment gateway for online payments:

1. Go to Settings>Online payments

2. From the Payment gateway [1] dropdown menu, select Square. Here you can select if you want to:
  • Create a new Square account 

    • Select I want to create a new Square account [2]
    • A pop up window will open informing you that after signing up with Square, you will have to go back to this page to complete the integration. Click OK
    • A new tab will open in your browser, with the Square sign up page. Complete the Square account set up
    • Go back to your Bookeo account
    • Select I already have a Square account [3]
    • Click on the Connect [4] button
  • Connect an existing Square account 

    • Select I already have a Square account [3]
    • Click on the Connect [4] button

You will then have to allow Bookeo to access your Square account:

3. A pop up window will open informing you that this will clear any credit card details currently stored, and asking if you are sure you want to continue

4. Click Ok

5. You will be asked to input your Bookeo password 

6. Click Ok

7. You will be redirected to the Square Sign in page. Sign in with your username and password

8. You will be asked to allow Square to access some of your Bookeo's data

9. Click Allow [5]

10. The browser will go back to the Online Payments page of your Bookeo dashboard

11. If you manage multiple locations with Square, please make sure to select the location to be linked to the Bookeo account from the Square location dropdown menu

12. Click OK

13. Input your Bookeo password for security

14. Save

Search for a booking payment or transaction ID in Square

Search for a booking number 

1. Log into your Square dashboard

2. Click on Sales [2], then on Transactions [3]

3. Select the date range [3]

4. Select Notes [4] and paste the booking number.

Search for a transaction ID

1. Log into your Square dashboard

2. Click on Sales [2], then on Transactions [3]

3. Select the date range [3]

4. Select Export [5], then Transactions CSV [6]. You can search for the transaction number in the CSV file.

Tax tracking for Square E-commerce payments

To keep track of taxes for your bookings, you can Bookeo's reporting tools in Marketing>Reports or integrate your Bookeo account with Xero

It is not possible to track taxes for Square E-commerce payments for bookings in Square. Square only allows the tracking of taxes for payments for "orders". Square orders are designed for e-commerce stores, where customers purchase goods online, and orders are not modifiable once created - because they are typically shipped in a short time.

Bookeo bookings can change after they have been created and often multiple payments are received for a single booking. It would not therefore be possible to link taxes for bookings in Square, nor determine what portion of a tax is to be associated with an individual payment.

Square Chargeback Protection 

When using the Square E-commerce API, merchants can qualify for the Square Chargeback Protection only if the full billing address and email address are collected at the time of payment. You can read more about the Square Chargeback Protection here:

To collect the full billing address:

1. Go to Settings>Online payments

2. In the Billing address section:
  • tick the checkbox Ask billing address (customers booking online) [7] 
  • tick the checkbox Ask billing address (users booking from dashboard) [8]

3. From the Billing address mode [9] dropdown menu, select "ask full address"

4. Save