Integration with Vimbly

With Bookeo you can sell your classes, courses, tours and activities on Vimbly, a marketplace offering thousands of activities, classes, date ideas, and things to do in major US cities.

How to set up the integration

If you do not have an account with Vimbly yet, you will first need to submit an application on the Vimbly vendor signup page.

If you already have an account with Vimbly:

1. Go to Marketing>Distribution Channels

2. Click on Vimbly

3. Click on the Install App button

4.  For security reasons, you will be re-directed to the Bookeo sign in page. Sign in with your Bookeo username and password

5. You will have to authorize Vimbly to access your account data. 

6. Tick the I agree to grant the above permissions to "" [1] checkbox and the I agree to allow "" to collect payments on my behalf [2] checkbox

7. Click on the Authorize [3] button

8. A confirmation of the integration request will show, together with your API Key. Vimbly will contact you to complete the integration set up.  


Set up a promotion for Vimbly 

To allow Vimbly to create a booking retaining their commission, you will have to create a single promotion code in Marketing>Promotions. When you create the promotion, you will have to set a discount equal to the commission rate agreed with Vimbly. Click here for more information on how to set up a single promotion code in Bookeo.

Creation of bookings

Vimbly will create bookings from your booking page using the promotion code you set up for Vimbly in Marketing>Promotions.

Vimbly fulfills bookings manually because they try to make this an extremely personalized experience for their users. Vimbly gives their users the options to send in special requests pertaining to diet, accessibility, etc. and pass this along to the vendors so nothing gets missed when users show up for the activities they book.

Vimbly also uses a 2-step confirmation when confirming bookings for their users, meaning they do not fully confirm or charge a user’s card until the booking is not confirmed with the vendor.


The integration is included in the monthly subscription of your Bookeo Classes and Courses and Bookeo Tours and Activities account. The integration is specific to Bookeo Classes and Courses and Bookeo Tours and Activities account and it is not available for Bookeo Appointments.

Bookeo will not charge any commission on bookings made through Vimbly, but Vimbly may apply its own fees.

Additional options

Vimbly does not support additional options. So if you have set up additional options to your classes and tours in the Options tab, the additional options will not be offered to customers making a booking via Vimbly.