How can I offer a discount on generic (money) gift vouchers?

You can offer a discount on generic gift vouchers. For example, if you offer a 10% discount on generic gift vouchers, and the price of the gift voucher is usually $100, customers using the promotion will be required to pay $90, but the value of the gift voucher will be $100.
If you wish, you can also set for which generic gift vouchers the promotion is valid. For example, you can offer the discount for some generic gift vouchers but not others. 

In this article:

Create a Single code promotion 

To offer a discount on generic gift vouchers, you will have to set up a single promotion code.

1. Go to Marketing>Promotions

2. Click on the New promotion button

3. In the General section, input the name [1] of the promotion and, if you want, its Description [2].

4. From the Promotion type [3] scroll down menu, select single code

5. Input the promotion code [4] (a short string of numbers and/or letters that your customers will have to use to get a discount).

6. Scroll down to the Gift vouchers section, and tick the checkbox
 this promotion can be used to purchase generic gift vouchers [5]

7. A pop up window will open warning you that If the promotion can be used to purchase generic gift vouchers, it cannot also be used to make bookings. Click OK

Discount types

1. In the Discount section, set if you want to offer:

a) fixed discount

2. From the Discount [6] scroll down menu, select fixed from

3. In the Amount [7] field, input the discount 

4. From the Type [8] scroll down menu, select that the discount should be applied on the total price 

b) percent discount

5. From the Discount [6] scroll down menu, select percentage

6. From the Percentage [9] scroll down menu, select the percent discount rate


Additional taxes

In the Additional taxes section, you can:

  • set a tax that will be charged when this promotion is used 
  • waive a fixed tax when this promotion is used 

Add a tax

1. In the Additional Taxes [10] section, you can set up a fixed tax that will be charged when this promotion is used. 

2. Click on the New [11] button

3. From the Tax [12]drop-down menu, select the tax

4. In the Amount [13] field, set the fixed tax

5. Save

Waive a tax

If you set a fixed discount and want to waive a fixed tax or fee, set in Settings>Taxes, you should create a negative Additional Tax. 

1. Click on the New [11] button

2. From the Tax [12]drop-down menu, select the tax

3. In the Amount [13] field, set the fixed tax

4. Save

Promotion validity

1. In the Validity [14] section, input the validity of the promotion. Select if the promotion is:

  • the promotion is always valid, or
  • the time when the booking is created or the voucher purchased must be during the following periods...

Voucher amounts

  In the Voucher amounts section, from the mode [15] drop-down menu, select if the promotion is:
  • This promotion is valid for all voucher amounts
  • This promotion is only valid for the selected voucher amounts, and tick the amounts [16] for which the promotion is valid

Usage limit

1. In the Usage limit section, from the Usage limit per customer [17] drop-down menu, you can set how many times a promotion code can be used by a single customer.

2. From the Usage limit (across all customers) [18] 
drop-down menu, you can set how many times a promotion code can be used overall by all your customers.

  • Bookeo uses the customer’s email address to identify the customer – not the customer’s name and surname - so it is possible that a sneaky customer could use an alias email address to use a promo code multiple times. 
  • If Customer Registration is not enabled in your account, Bookeo will create a new customer profile if the same customer makes a booking with the same email address. Therefore the same customer may be able to use the same promotion code more than once.