What is the meaning of the Calendar background colors for games/tours/classes and of the pie chart?

The Bookeo dashboard calendar for games/tours/classes uses background colors to make it easy to see all your available, booked and blocked seats. A pie chart also to let you see quickly how any of your games, tours or classes are filling. 

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Background colors

Your Bookeo Calendar and Home page show games/tours/classes with intuitive color backgrounds as follows:
  • Grey = Canceled
  • White = No bookings yet
  • Light green = Some bookings + some available seats
  • Dark green = Bookings, and no more available seats (full)
  • Orange = All seats blocked


Quick-view booking pie chart

The pie chart shows on the left of your game, tour, or class time. It is automatically and instantly updated, so you can get a real-time snapshot of your bookings anywhere, anytime. The pie chart lets you quickly see the latest proportion of seats taken, blocked, and available for any game, tour, or class.

Free seats appear in white, booked seats in green, and blocked seats in red.