Set up a Personal lesson: customers decide the start time

If you want to set up a personal lesson where customers can choose the start time among a restricted availability set by you, for example available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 6pm, and customers can decide to start the lesson at 11am: 

1. Go to Settings>Classes, Courses, events

2. Click on the New button, then on Personal lesson/appointment. You will complete a quick set up wizard, and will be able to define more details later.

3. Input the Name [1] of the personal lesson. If you have already created categories, from the Category [2] scroll down menu, select the category this class belongs to.

4. Input a Description [3] of the personal lesson.

5. Click on the New section [4] button to create information sections (such as "What to bring", "More info" and so on).

6. In the Schedule section, select the Duration [5] of the personal lesson/appointment.

7. Click on 
the green + icon to set the availability of your personal lesson/appointment for each day of the week.
In the pop up window that will open set the interval [7] between start time and end time. The
personal lesson/appointment can have different intervals for each schedule.

When you finish the set up wizard, you will be able to set class visibility.  Click here for more information 

7. In the Standard price section, set the lesson Price per person [8]If you offer special prices for members, you can tick the Enable member prices [9] checkbox to set a member price.

When you finish the set up wizard, you will also be able to:

- set total price 
- create people categories (children, seniors...) and set different prices for them. Click here for more information 
- set special prices: during pricing seasons, days/time of the week, number of people, group/family discounts. Click here for more information

- set lessons available only for customers who purchased a prepaid package only. Click here for more information   

13. From the online payment [10] scroll down menu, select your preferred online payment option (payment of the full amount, deposit, collect credit card number...).

When you finish the set up wizard, you will also be able to set:

  • cancellation fees. Click here for more information   

  • if you want to allow customers to choose to pay at the time of booking or later. Click here for more information   

14. In the Image section, click on the Upload[11] button to upload an image for your class. When you finish the set up wizard, you will also be able to upload a gallery of Images and videos

15. In the Permissions section, set account users permissions for this class.

16. Save

When you finish the set up wizard, you will be able to set a message to be shown in the booking confirmation and reminder email. Click here for more information