Force Open schedule Tours/charters to start only at fixed times (ex. at 9.30am, 10am, 10.30am etc)

In Bookeo Tours & Activities you can define the exact time slots in which an Open schedule tour can be provided.

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For example if you have an Open schedule tour with a duration of 45 minutes, and you want appointments for it to start only on the hour (9am, 10am, etc):

1. Click on Settings>Tours/Activities

2. Click on the 
Open schedule tour.

3. Go to the Time Settings tab

4. In the Available Hours section, change the setting to "use a specific schedule for this tour" and input a schedule like the one shown in the screenshot below. If you do not see a specific start or end time, you will need to change your Time Resolution.

These settings apply ONLY to online bookings made by customers. 
When you create a booking as manager, you can use any start time and duration. If you want to create bookings using these specific start times, you should use the FIND button in your booking window.