Customer Reviews overview

Reviews from customers are an important part of the website content strategy for any business. Customer reviews guide and assist customers in making buying decisions. Marketing experts suggest to incorporate customer reviews throughout your web pages, on places where they could make a difference: on your homepage or next to your services. 
With Bookeo you can publish your customer reviews in your website!
Bookeo can automatically send a customizable Thank you email to your customers after their visit, where you can ask them to rate their experience and write a review to be published on Bookeo or on another website, such as Tripadvisor.

When a customer writes a review, you are immediately notified in your Bookeo Home Page. You can manage your reviews and publish them. You can:


  • select the "Summary". It is the only part of the review shown in your booking page, and the preview in your Customer Reviews Widget



  • you can publish Customer Reviews at the bottom of your booking pages (remember, only the "Summary" will be shown)


  • you can also publish Customer Reviews in any page of your website using the Customer Reviews Widget. The Review widget shows the "Summary", with a link leading to the full review. Customers will be able to scroll through your published reviews.
    You can customize the colours, size and language of the widget.