Integrate Bookeo into my website - Options overview

​​Bookeo lets you choose the website integration that better suits your business: integrate the widget into your website, use direct links and buttons and if you do not have a website, we provide a customizable booking webpage for you!
You can also publish Customer Reviews in your booking pages and in any page of your website.

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Embed Bookeo as a widget 

You can embed Bookeo as a widget directly into your own web site (or websites, for example your website and your blog), so the web address that customers see will be that of your web site. The widget will simply become the section of a page of your website.

Example of widget integration

The widget can also be embedded into any website, including:



If you do not have a website, or do not want to integrate the Bookeo widget into your website, you can use a customizable booking webpage offered by Bookeo.


​Customize the widget 

Bookeo lets you customize:


Select the booking mode of your page

You can also customize how your services, classes or tours are shown in your booking page:

  • select a workshops/classes/tours first, then pick a time 


  • show all the upcoming workshops/classes/tours. 


You can also show the number of available seats.

Direct buttons and links

You can insert direct links and booking buttons for services/classes/tours or categories in your website pages.

When customers click on the direct link/booking button, they will be redirected to the widget page, with the widget only showing the particular services/classes/tours or category. 

You can also use direct links and buttons in a specific language only, for example in English in the English version of your website, and in Spanish in the Spanish version of your website.


Embed the widget in a specific language 

If you have multiple versions of your website, each in a specific language, for example in English and Spanish, you can embed the Bookeo widget in a specific language only: in English in the English version of your website, and in Spanish in the Spanish version of your website.

Alternatively, you can allow customers to change the language in the booking page using a scroll down menu.

Publish Customer Reviews

You can publish Customer Reviews