Prepaid Packages/Class passes (virtual punch cards) - overview

Prepaid packages are groups of services, lessons, tours that customers can purchase in advance, usually at discounted prices (for instance a package of 10 Guitar lessons, or 5 Hair cuts).

Customers purchase a package first, and that gives them a certain number of "credits", for example 5 credits to book 5 hair cuts. When customers book a hair cut, Bookeo will automatically use one of their credits.
After all the credits have been used (i.e. after the customer has booked 5 hair cuts), customers will have to pay again for a hair cut.

  • You can select the number and type of services/classes/activities offered in the package. One prepaid package can cover multiple services/activities at the same time. For instance you can offer a package that is valid for 5 hair cuts or colorings. The customer then can use it, for example, for 3 hair cuts and 2 colorings.
  • You can set a validity and expiry date of the package
  • You can set that the prepaid package can be purchased by any customers, by members only or you can hide it to customers, and keep it for internal use only.

Customers can buy prepaid packages from the customer area, and they will be automatically used by Bookeo when customers book online or when you enter a manual booking from the backend.

From the backend it is also possible to manually assign prepaid credits to a customer.

You can generate a report of
payments received from prepaid credits during a specific date range.