Tour priced by the hour

If you offer a tour priced by the hour and customers can select the number of hours they want to book, for example a tour @ $100/hr, and customers can book minimum 1 hour, maximum 8, follow the instructions below to set it up.

In this article:

Step 1 - Create a new Open Schedule Tour with no duration and no price

1. Go to Settings > Tours/activities 

2. Click on the NEW button on the right of the page and choose Open Schedule Tour /Appointment

3. Create an open schedule Tour with no duration and no price.  You will need to enter a duration during the initial set up, but you can change the duration back to zero later.


4. Save

Step 2 - Create a number option

1. Go to the Options tab and click on the New option button to create a number option:


2. Input a Name for the option, for example "Duration"

3. Input the minimum and maximum number of hours (duration of the tour). The default value is the default value shown to your customers

4. Tick the Duration checkbox and select the duration as "1 hour"


5. Tick the Price checkbox and input the hourly price

6. Enable option for the specific tour  - in the Restrictions section, select the Tour for which this option is enabled