I am currently using another software. How easy is it to migrate to Bookeo?

Are you using another system and want to migrate to Bookeo? We prepared everything for a smooth transition.

In this article:

Import your existing customers into Bookeo

​Click here for step by step information on how to import customers into your Bookeo account. 

  • For security reasons, when you import customers into Bookeo, you do not import their password.
  • Customers can set up a new password by clicking on the "I forgot my password" link in the customer area sign in page. We usually recommend sending an email to your customers, to introduce the new booking system and explain how to set up a password with Bookeo.

If you want to keep a record of your customers' history, we recommend to generate a report using your old system. 

In your Bookeo account, you can add Notes about the customer:

1. Go to Customers 

2. Click on the customers

3. Input notes in  the Notes section. This notes are for internal use only, and they will not be shown to the customer.

Assign existing credits to your customers

If customers have existing credits, you can manually assign prepaid credits/money credit in your Bookeo account.

Set when you want to start managing booking with Bookeo

1. Go to account>account migration

2. Tick the Enable [1] checkbox

3. In the Change-over date
[2] section, select the date when Bookeo will start managing your bookings.

4. In the 
Change-over address [1] field, input the URL of your old booking page. When a customer makes a booking:

  • if the date booked is before the change-over date, Bookeo will inform the customer and redirect him/her automatically to your old booking system
  • if the date booked is on or after the change-over date, the booking is processed by Bookeo normally

You will have to follow the same rule when taking bookings by phone. In this way, there is no risk of double bookings. Your old system will be responsible for your calendar up to the change-over date, and Bookeo for your calendar starting from the change-over date.

Can I import settings from my booking system?

Sorry it is not possible to import settings into Bookeo as there is no standard in the way services are created in each system. 

We offer free technical support for the set up of your Bookeo account and we also offer an account set up service. We do all the work for you, so that we deliver an account ready to go live!

​If you are interested in this service, please contact our Technical Support team at help@bookeo.com. From the questionnaire, they will be able to understand how your business is structured and the services you offer.

Once they receive the questionnaire, they can immediately tell you if Bookeo can meet all your requirements and provide you with an exact quote for the set up service.

Can I import bookings from my booking system?

It is not possible to import bookings as there is no standard in the way bookings are created in each system. If you already have upcoming bookings and want to start using Bookeo, you can:

  • use our migration feature, set from which date you want to start managing bookings in Bookeo 
  • if the software you are currently using features a sync with Google Cal, you can use the sync to see all these bookings in Bookeo and mark the resources as not available (for appointments, personal lessons and Open schedule tours). You may want to create quick blocks to set the non-availability of classes/tours.
  • Manually create these bookings in Bookeo