How can I show a https URL for the page where I embed the Bookeo widget? Are payments secure?

The Bookeo widget that is loaded in your webpage is always https, and the security seal that is shown in the page where the customer enters his details testifies to that - and more.
However, the web browser shows the address of your webpage in the address bar, not the address of the widget.

If you have a valid SSL certificate for your site, make sure that:

  1.  in Settings/Web site integration, you use https:// in the address at point 2, where you tell Bookeo the address of your widget page

  2. if you link to your widget page directly in your website (ex. in your home page you have a link to, you are using https for those links as well.

If you do not have a valid SSL certificate for your website, we would recommend you to contact your web hosting provider asking to get one. Many hosting companies can include an SSL certificate as part of their service, very often at little or no extra cost.