Booking cart: multiple bookings with one transaction

If you want to let customers make multiple bookings in one transaction, you can enable Bookeo's booking cart feature.

1. Go to Settings>Booking Preferences

2. Go to the Booking cart section

3. Tick the Enable [1] Allow customers to make multiple bookings in the same transaction 

4. Tick the Review page [2] checkbox if you want to show an intermediate cart review page, showing all the bookings added to the booking cart. You can see an example of a booking cart Review page below.
If you want to skip this page, please do not tick 
the Review page [2] checkbox.

Example of booking cart Review page

5. In the Checkout [3] field, you can also customize the wording shown on the button that customers need to click to checkout, in English and in other languages. Simply select a language from the scroll down menu, input the word you want to show on the button and click OK.

6. In the Add another booking [4] field, you can customize the label of the button that customers need to click to add another booking.

  • At checkout, customers are shown details of their bookings together with a price breakdown for each booking.

  • A unique booking number is assigned to each booking