Integration in a Shopify website

It is very easy to embed your Bookeo appointments widget in your Shopify web site. In this way, you can accept bookings and sell physical products all in one site.

In this article:

Step 1 - Set up the integration in Bookeo

1. In your Bookeo account, go to Settings>Website Integration

2. From the Page location 
[1] scroll down menu, select embed a widget in my website.  [This will open new options on the page]

3. In the Widget section #1, copy the widget HTML code line that appears [2] and paste it in your website page, in the position where you want the widget to appear.

Step 2 - Set up the integration in Shopify

1. Leave the browser window open and open a new tab in your browser

2. Login as admin to your Shopify account

3. Click on Pages [4], then on your Booking page, or create a new page.

4. Click on the <> [5] button

5. Paste the widget code (that you copied in step [3]) in the Script Editor 

6. Click on the Save [6] button

7. Click on the View on your website [7] button.

Step 3 - Set up the URL of your booking page in Bookeo

1. In your Bookeo account, in the Widget section [1], paste the URL of your booking page [2]

2. Save

The website must be accessible: Bookeo will check for the presence of the widget code in your web site and it will not save the changes if it cannot find the widget code. 

If you want to integrate Bookeo into a website that is not accessible, please email our Support Team at and they will be able to assist you.


The integration with Shopify is only a website integration. Data, customers and payments are not shared between Bookeo and Shopify. Customers will purchase and pay for articles in Shopify, and they will book and pay for appointments in Bookeo.