How can I block out classes/courses/workshops/tours seats to make them unavailable for bookings?

You can easily block out seats, for example for customers who will confirm their booking at a later time.

You can create a block for a specific number of seats or for all available seats:

1. Go to your Calendar

2. Click on a class/course/workshop/tour. A pop up window will open

3. Click on the Block button

4. Select the Number of seats [1] you want to block. If you want to block all available seats, select all free seats.

5. Verify the Date [2] and Time [3] of the 

6. You can input the Reason [4] why you want to block these seats, for your own records.

7. Click on the Save button and check the details of the block.

8. Click on the Ok button.

9. Your block will show in your calendar in a red colour and the blocked seats will be unavailable for bookings