Integration with PaymentExpress (multiple currencies)

Payment Express supports many banks ("acquirers") in many countries. To get a full list, please see

Please note that some banks do not support Payment Express's Merchant Hosted Interface method, and so cannot be used as an acquirer with Bookeo. Please check with your Payment Express representative to be sure that you can use Merchant Hosted Interface with your chosen bank.

In this article:

Integration with Payment Express

1. Sign up for a Payment Express account at 

2. Sign in to Bookeo and click on Settings>Online payments

From the Payment gateway scroll down menu, select Payment Express as the payment gateway

4. input your Payment Express PostUsername and PostPassword.


These are NOT your regular Payment Express username and password. These are separate credentials supplied to you when you sign up with Payment Express, to be used with the "DPS PXPost (Merchant Hosted Interface)".

5. click Ok to save the changes

Supported Banks/Acquirers
In Australia:

  • ANZ Australia
  • Bank of South Australia 
  • BOQ  
  • Bank West
  • CitiGroup
  • Commonwealth Bank 
  • National Australia Bank 
  • St George 
  • Westpac Australia 

For more information, please see Australian Merchant Activation Guide.

In Singapore:

  • Merchant Solutions

For more information, please see Hong Kong Merchant Activation Guide and  Singapore Merchant Activation Guide.

In the Pacific Islands:

  • Westpac

For more information, please see the Pacific Islands Merchant Activation Guide.

In the UK:

  • HSBC
  • Barclaycard

For more information, please see the UK Merchant Activation Guide.

In the USA:

  • US Bank

For more information, please see the USA Merchant Activation Guide.