Can my teachers/guides/resources log in and 'accept' to lead a tour/class/event ?

It is fairly common for a tour company to have many guides on a flexible roster, or for a school to have many casual teachers.

Some of them may be available to lead a tour, or teach a class, but their availability may change from week to week.

Can they log in to Bookeo and 'accept' to lead a tour, or teach a class?

It is definitely possible, and very easy to set up.

1. make sure that in the schedule for the tour or class, you leave the teacher/guide as 'to be determined'. See (for tours) and (for classes).

2. create a user account for each guide or teacher (see ).

3. in the Permissions - resources section of the user's settings page, give 'read/write' permission for the teacher/guide.

Now the user can sign into Bookeo, and will see the schedule of the tour/class. Tours with a guide (or classes with a teacher) to be determined will show it with 3 question marks in red. The user can simply click on the tour/class, click on the 'Resources' tab, and select themselves as the guide/teacher.