Integration with Google Apps account

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How to sign into Bookeo directly from your Google Apps account

1. Login to your Google Apps account. Click on more at the top left corner

2. Click on Find more services

3. Search for Bookeo in the Google Apps Marketplace, select the Bookeo version for your business (Bookeo Appointments, Bookeo Tours and Activities or Bookeo Classes and Schools) and click on the Add it now button.

Once Bookeo is added to your Apps, and it will be listed under "more". Simply click on it, you will be automatically be logged into Bookeo.

How to add other users from your Google Apps account

You may have many users in your Google Apps account. They too can login to Bookeo via Google Apps, but you must create their account in Bookeo first.

Example: you want that a second user be able to access Bookeo. Before trying to sign in via Google apps as that user, make sure to create a user in Bookeo, with the username Choose any password, as long as it is strong.

If a Google Apps user tries to sign into Bookeo before you have created a user with the same email address/username in your Bookeo account, Bookeo will create a new account for that user, because it does not know it must be linked to your existing account. If this happens, simply delete the account that was inadvertently created, add the user to your Bookeo account, and try again.


If you delete a user in your Bookeo account, in account>users, the user can still access your Bookeo account via the Google Apps login. Please make sure to suspend or delete the user in Google Apps.