Integration with Sage Pay

Information about SagePay

Sage Pay Europe is the UK and Ireland’s leading independent payment service provider. Every year Sage Pay processes billions of pounds worth of secure payments for its 45,000 customers making the process of accepting payments online, over the phone, or in person simpler, faster, safer and more profitable for businesses of all sizes.
If you do not have a Sage Pay account yet, you can 

Integration with SagePay

To use Sage Pay as your payment gateway, log into your Bookeo Account:

1. Click on 
Settings>Online Payments

2. From the Payment gateway scroll down menu, select Sage Pay.  

3. Enter your Sage Pay Vendor Name.

4. In the SagePay control panel, go to Settings, select Valid IPs, then click on the button Add.

Make sure to add ALL the following addresses to the Valid IP Addresses:


Subnet Mask:

Bookeo does not currently support 3D secure payments. Please make sure that the supported acquirer/bank you choose does not require 3D secure payments.