Integration with

You can easily integrate as payment gateway. If you do not have an account, you can set up one from the following links:

  • US/Canada: click here
  • UK/Europe: click here

In this article:

Set up the integration with

1. Go to Settings>Online Payments 

2. From the Payment gateway scroll down menu, select

2. Enter your API Login ID and your API transaction key.


How can you obtain your API Login ID?

To obtain your API Login ID:

1. Log into the Merchant Interface at

2. Select Settings under Account in the main menu on the left

3. In the Security Settings section, click on API Login ID and Transaction Key
If you have not already obtained an API Login ID and Transaction Key for your account, you will need to enter the secret answer to the secret question you configured at account activation.

4. Click Submit.

Customer Information Manager

The Customer Information Manager (CIM) allows you to store customers' sensitive payment information on’s secure servers, simplifying your compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions.

It enables you to provide returning customers with the convenience of not having to re-enter their personal data every time they visit your Web site.

You need to enable the feature in your account, and then mark it as enabled in Bookeo. When this is done, Bookeo will collect card details for you.
For more information about CIM, please visit

How to turn off the Test Mode

By default new account are in "test mode", i.e. they let you test transactions without processing real payments. If you want to start processing payments, you need to turn test mode OFF in your account.

In your account:

1. click on the Account link at the top

2. click on Test mode

3. click on the button to turn test mode OFF.

Make sure to check your AVS settings to avoid missing legitimate payments

AVS (Address Verification Service) is a feature of that matches the billing address of the credit card with the address provided by the customer, and can reject the payment if the two don't match. It's up to you to decide what to reject and what to accept in these cases, but it is important to understand this feature in order to not miss legitimate payments.

To review your AVS settings:

1. Open your account

2. Click on Account/Address Verification Service

3. Contact's support if you need more details.

If a payment is declined because of an address mismatch the customer will receive this message: "The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder"

Understand 'test' transactions when a new credit card is stored 

If you use's CIM function, and you set Bookeo to remember customers' credit card details, every time a new credit card is stored, will perform a test transaction to validate the credit card with the credit card networks.

The transaction description will be something like "Test transaction for ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile.", the amount will be 1$ and the transaction will be "Authorization only".

There is NO CHARGE actually occurring. This is only a test transaction that performs to check the validity of the credit card being stored. If you have any question about this transaction, please contact your representative.

Supported Credit Card Processors supports the following credit card processors (you may also click here to see the updated list):

North American Processor Connections:

  • Chase Paymentech - Tampa Processing Platform (USD, CAD)
  • Elavon (USD, CAD)
  • First Data Merchant Services (FDMS)
  • First Data Omaha (USD, CAD)
  • First Data Nashville (USD, CAD)
  • Global Payments - East Processing Platform (USD, CAD)
  • Heartland Payment Systems (USD)
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions (USD)
  • WorldPay (USD)
  • EVOSnap (USD, CAD)

Asia-Pacific Processor Connections:

  • FdiAus (USD, AUD, NZD)
  • WestPac (AUD)

European Processor Connections:

  • AmexDirect (USD, GBP, EURO)
  • Barclays (GBP, EURO)
  • Cardnet (GBP)
  • HBOS (GBP)
  • Streamline (USD, GBP, EURO, AUD)