Bookeo Classes & Courses - Payments, deposits and cancellation policy

To accept online payments or collect credit card details, you have to integrate one of the payment gateway supported by Bookeo.

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In this article:

Set up Payment Terms

1. Go to Settings>Classes, courses, events.

2. Click on a class and go to the Payment and deposit tab

3. In the Payment and deposit section, select the payment terms from the Online Payment [1] scroll down menu. You can:

  • require online payment of the full amount
  • require online payment of a deposit
  • require customers to leave their credit card details 
  • do not accept online payments

4. Tick on the Allow deferred payment [2] checkbox if you want to allow customers to decide if they want to pay at the time of the booking or at the time of their visit. Click here for more information about this feature.

In the Deferred payment message, you can also include a message [3] that will be shown to customers if they select to pay later.

5. Set the Default [4] payment required from the scroll down menu: pay now or pay later.

6. In the Pay balance button [5] section, you can allow customers to pay for the balance of their bookings online. Click here for more information about this feature.

7. Save

Set up your Cancellation Fees

1. Go to Settings>Classes, courses, events.

2. Click on a class and go to the Payment and deposit tab

3. in the Cancellation fee section, select your standard cancellation fee [6] from the scroll down menu. The most common standard cancellation fee is full refund

. You can also set multiple cancellation fees to be automatically applied when a booking is cancelled, for example a higher fee for cancellations made 24 hours before the visit, a lower fee for cancellations made upto 3 days before the visit. ​Click on the New fee button [7] and select:

- when the fee applies
- set the fee

​4. Save

Bookeo does not automatically give a refund to customers, but will inform you that a refund is due. You can issue the refund using the tools provided by your payment gateway. Alternatively, you can assign a money credit to the customer.


​If customers book online and they are required to agree to your Cancellation Policy, when you print a booking from your Bookeo Calendar, the printout will include the sentence The customer has agreed to the cancellation policy.