Can I sell prepaid packages/Class passes (virtual punch card) online?

Prepaid packages are groups of services, lessons, tours that customers purchase in advance. For example a package of 10 Guitar lessons, or 5 Hair cuts.

Customers purchase a package first, and that gives them a certain number of prepaid credits, for example 5 credits to book 5
Guitar lessons. Prepaid credits are automatically used by Bookeo for future bookings.

When all the prepaid credits have been used (i.e. after the customer has booked 5
Guitar lessons), customers will be required to pay for their bookings.

Set up Prepaid Packages

1. Go to Marketing>Prepaid Packages

2. Click on the New Package button

3. In the General section, input Name [1] and Description [2] of the prepaid package

. In the Product code field [3] you can input a unique tracking code or use the automatically generated product code.

5. In the Services section you should tick the services/activities that can be booked using the prepaid credits. A prepaid package can cover multiple services/activities. For instance you can offer a package that is valid for 5 hair cuts or coloring. Customers can use it, for example, to book for 3 hair cuts and 2 colorings.

6. In the Conditions section you can set:

  • the number of visits that can be booked using the prepaid credits, in the How many times scroll down menu [4]. If customers can book unlimited visits, you should select unlimited
  • the people category: from the Person category scroll down menu [5], select if the booking must be for a specific category of person (any, adult, child...)
  • the validity of the package: in the Validity term scroll down menu [6]. You can select "unlimited" if the package will never expire. For example, you can package 10 classes prepaid, or unlimited classes for one month. 

7. In the Price section:

  • Set the Price of the prepaid package [7]
  • Select the Taxes applying [8] to the prepaid package  

8. In the Refund policy section:

  • tick the Refund checkbox [9] if you want to refund the prepaid credit if the customer cancels the booking at least some time in advance.
  • from the scroll down menu [10], select how in advance customer can cancel the booking for the credit to be refunded.

9. In the Visibility section, you can select who can see and purchase the prepaid package

  • anyone: select this package can be purchased by anyone
  • Members only: select this package can only be purchased by members​
  • Bookeo account users only: select hide to all customers: select only I and authorized users can give credits for this package        

Prepaid packages can be purchased from the customer area. You should include the links to the customer area - that you can find in Marketing>Prepaid Packages - in your website. We usually recommend integrating them above the widget.

You can also include a description and link to your prepaid packages in the description field of your services, classes or tours.