Accept/Deny appointments/workshops bookings and offer a workshop that runs only if a minimum number of participants is reached

You can manually accept or deny every booking request for a service or workshop or let Bookeo automatically accept booking requests when a specific minimum number of participants is reached.

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Step 1 - Enable the accept/deny feature

1. For:

- Services: Go to Settings>Booking Preferences
- Workshops: Go to Settings>Workshops and click on a Workshop

2. Go to the Accept/deny tab.

3. Tick the Accept/deny [1] checkbox

In the Payment after acceptance section, set when a payment is required [2], either after the booking request is accepted or before [3] the start of the service/workshop. If a payment is not received by that time, the booking request will be automatically canceled.

The Accept/Deny feature will apply to ALL the services you set up in Settings>Services offered and additional options.

Step 2 - Set if you want Bookeo to automatically confirm booking request when the minimum number of participants is reached

Bookeo can automatically confirm online booking requests - and the bookings pending confirmation - when the minimum number of participants you set for the workshop is reached.

1. Tick the checkbox in the Accept automatically [4] section

2. From the scroll down menu, select the minimum number of participants required to automatically confirm booking requests [5]

In our example, the minimum number of bookings required to automatically confirm booking requests is 10. So if you have received booking requests for a total of 7 people, and a customer is making an online booking for 3 people, Bookeo will:

  • ask for the online payment of the booking that is being made, as if it was a standard booking with online payment to secure it.

  • automatically confirm the booking requests for the other 7 people