Set up Memberships

Member customers are more likely to return, as they experience a closer connection to your business. You can offer special prices to members, decide that only members can make a booking or restrict access to a particular service only to members.

In this article: 

Step 1 - Enable Memberships

1. Go to Marketing>Memberships

2. Tick the Enable membership checkbox

Step 2 - Set if all customers or members only can make bookings

1. In the Access restrictions section, from the scroll down menu select if:

  • "No restrictions: anyone can make a booking": any customer can make a booking (you can set some services for members only), or 
  • "Only members can make bookings"

More information on how to set some services for members only, please click on the type of account you are using to be redirected to the specific tutorial for the account type:

Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo Classes and Courses

Bookeo Tours and Activities

Step 3 - Set how customers can become members

In the Enrollment section, from the scroll down menu, select:

  • "let people enroll by themselves". When customers subscribe as member, you will receive a message in your Bookeo home page, informing you of the new membership subscription. Click here for more information.
  • "do not let people enroll. I will manually manage memberships" You will have maximum control on who can become a member. Click here for more information.    
    Please note: you cannot set membership rates if you choose to manually manage memberships, you will be able to designate if a customer is a member or not only.                     

Step 4 - Set up membership rates

You can offer one-off membership payments or recurring subscriptions. In the Rates section, click on the New Rate button to create new memberships:

1. Membership name and description - Input the name of the membership, and its description


2. Set upfront or recurring payments

Select payment mode (once upfront or recurring), validity and amount to be paid:


Upfront payment for yearly membership                                            Periodic monthly payment for yearly membership                   


Some payment gateways - such as PayPal Payments Standard - only allow you to charge memberships with one upfront payment and not memberships with recurring payments. 

3. Automatically assign Prepaid Credits at every payment

You can offer a number of free classes every time customers make a payment for a membership.

Tick the checkbox Prepaid Credits if Prepaid Credits will be automatically be given to the customer at every payment, and select the number of credits to be given. For example you can automatically give 2 prepaid credits of a Prepaid Package you created each time a monthly payment is made. If you created a Prepaid Package giving 5 credits, and decide to give 2 credits each time a membership payment is made, you will give customers 2 prepaid credits.



4. Taxes - set taxes applying to your membership. Click here for more information. 

5. New or old rate - in the Rate section, from the scroll down menu select if:

  • "this rate is available for new enrollments"
  • "not available for new enrollments" if you NO LONGER want to sell this membership.