Can I assign a status to my booking, to check in customers, mark payments...? (Booking status tracking)

Bookeo lets you track the booking status of a booking. You can define any status you want to track and associate a unique color to it. For example a status could be customer arrived, visit completed and so on.

In this article:

Step 1 - Set up your booking status

1. Go to Settings>Booking Preferences

2. Go to the Bookings status tab

3. Tick the Enabled [1] checkbox

4. If you want to delete default status values, click on them and then on the button Delete.

5. To create a new status value, click on the New [2] button, type the desired label and pick the color you want to associate to that label.

6. Save

Step 2 - Change the status of a booking

1. Go to your Bookeo Calendar

2. Click on a booking

3. Click on the small square at the top right corner of the booking

4. Select a status

The change will propagate immediately to the screen of every other person in the office that is logged into their Bookeo account.