Single code promotions (i.e. 5% off specific service in August) and your own "Deal of the day" promotion

Promotions enable you to attract new or existing customers. They are great for increasing business activity during slow periods. For example you can offer a $5 or 5% discounts on treatments in September.

In this article:

Step 1 - Set up a Single code promotion 

1. Go to Marketing>Promotions

2. Click on the New promotion button

3. In the General section, input the name [1] of the promotion and, if you want, its Description [2].

4. From the Promotion type [3] scroll down menu, select single code

5. Input the promotion code [4] (a short string of numbers and/or letters that your customers will have to use to get a discount).

6. Select the services/classes/tours for which the promotion will be valid, ticking the checkbox next to each service you provide.

Step 2 - Set up the discount type

In the Discount section, set if you want to offer:

a) fixed discount

7. From the Discount [5] scroll down menu, select fixed from

8. In the Amount [6] field, input the discount 

9. From the Type [7] scroll down menu, select if the discount has to be applied:​ 

  • to the total price of the booking. For example, you offer a $10 discount on the total price of the booking. If the total amount of the booking is $100, the customer will have to pay $90 (total $100- discount $10)
  • per person. For example, you offer a $10 discount per person. If a customer makes a booking for 2 people and the total amount of the booking is $100, the customer will have to pay $80 (total $100- discount $20)
  • per coupon.  ( This option is for multiple code promotions only)  

b) percent discount


10. From the Discount [8] scroll down menu, select percentage

11. From the Percentage [9] scroll down menu, select the per cent discount rate

If you offer additional options to upsell your booking, you have to set a Fixed discount. If you set the discount as 100%, the additional options will be offered with a 100% discount.

​Step 3 - Deferred payment, promotion validity and usage limits


12. Tick the Allow deferred payment [10] checkbox if you want to let your customers decide if they want to pay at the time of booking or at the time of their visit. 

13. In the Additional Tax [11] section, you can set up a fixed tax that will be charged per booking.

If you set a fixed discount and want to waive a fixed tax or fee, set in Settings>Taxes, you should create a negative Additional Tax. For example, if you charge a $2 admin fee per booking, you should set a -2 Additional Tax for that fee:

  • Select the tax from the Tax scroll down menu
  • Input a negative amount, for example -2


14. In the Validity [12] section, input the validity of the promotion. Select if the promotion is:

  • the promotion is always valid, or
  • if the time booked must be between specific period
  • if the time when the booking is created must be within specific periods

If on May 10 a customer makes a booking for May 30:

  • May 10 is the date when the booking is created

  • May 30 is the time booked

Click here for information on how to create a validity period for your promotion.

15. In the Days and Times [13] section, you can restrict the days and times when the promotion is valid. Simply select "the start time of the booking must be within one of the following intervals.." and set when the promotion is valid. In our example, the promotion is valid if the time booked is within Monday to Fridays, 9am to 6pm.

16. In the Usage limit section, from the Usage limit per customer [14] scroll down menu, you can set how many times a promotion code can be used by a single customer.

17. From the Usage limit (across all customers) [15] scroll down menu, you can set how many times a promotion code can be used overall by all your customers.

  • Bookeo uses the customer’s email address to identify the customer – not the customer’s name and surname - so it is possible that a sneaky customer could use an alias email address to use a promo code multiple times. 
  • If Customer Registration is not enabled in your account, Bookeo will create a new customer profile if the same customer makes a booking with the same email address. Therefore the same customer may be able to use the same promotion code more than once.

 18. In the Gift vouchers [16] section, set if this promotion code can be used to purchase specific gift vouchers.

It is not possible to apply a promotion to gift vouchers if:

  • the promotion is set to be valid only on specific days/times of the week
  • the promotion is valid only if the the time booked is within specific periods

19. Save