Can I accept bookings from my Facebook page?

With Bookeo, you can accept online bookings 24/7 from your website and from your Facebook page, in two different ways - you can use either method or both if you wish:

  • the Facebook Book Now call-to-action button: when customers click on the button, they will be redirected to your booking page.

  • the Bookeo's Facebook app: customers can make bookings directly from your Facebook page when visiting it from a pc or mac. Facebook does not allow external apps on mobile devices, therefore the Bookeo app will not show in your Facebook page when customers visit it using a mobile device. Click here to see a live example of the integration into a Facebook page.

Set the Facebook Book Now call-to-action button

You'll need to be the Facebook page admin, editor, moderator or advertiser to add a call to action to your Facebook Page.

To add a call to action to your Facebook Page:

1. Click + Add a Button [1] below your Page's cover photo

2. From the Choose a button dropdown menu, select Book Now [2].

3. In the Website [3] section input the URL of your Bookeo Booking page, that you can find in your Bookeo account, in Marketing>Booking button and links.

4. Click Create

Integrate the Bookeo's Facebook app into your Facebook business page

You can link Bookeo to your Facebook business page, not to your Facebook personal page.

1. Log into your Facebook personal account, not as your business/page.  

2. In a separate tab of your browser, log into your Bookeo account

3. Go to Settings>Integrations

4. Click on Facebook

5. Click on the link provided under set up instructions


If you are logged into your Facebook as your business page, the link will redirect you to a blank page.
Please make sure that you are logged into your Facebook personal account, not as your business/page.  


6. You will be asked if you want to add Bookeo to your Facebook page.
Click on Add Bookeo to finalize the integration.
If you have multiple pages, Facebook will ask you to select which page you want to install your app into.

7. Once you confirm, your Facebook page will load, and a new Book now icon with the Bookeo logo will show.

8. Click on the Book now icon

9. A Bookeo login screen will appear. Input your Bookeo username and password, and click on Sign in.

10. After you sign in, customers will be able to book directly from your business Facebook page by clicking on the Book now
 button on the right end side of your timeline.


  • If you have installed many apps in your Facebook page, the Bookeo button may not be visible because other buttons are shown first. You can expand the buttons list by clicking on the apposite 'down arrow' button to see all your app buttons.

  • You can also change the order of your buttons. Please see, the question 'How do I change the order of views and apps that appear below my Page's cover?'