Custom categories in Bookeo Classes and Courses (i.e. students, seniors etc.)

Default custom categories set in a Bookeo Classes and Courses account are: adults, children and infants. You can create new categories of people in your account.

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In this article:

Create custom categories

1. Go to Settings>Customer Details

2. Go to the Custom people categories tab

3. Click on the New category button

4. Input the name of the category and save.

Set number of people per booking for each class, course and event

You can set the minimum and maximum number of people per booking, for each people category.

1. Go to Settings>Classes, courses, event

2. Click on a class and go to the People tab

3. Set the total maximum and minimum number of people allowed in a single booking for that specific class.

4. Set the maximum and minimum number of people allowed for each category.

5. If you want to collect details for each participant, tick the checkbox Ask for the details of every participant. This feature should be enabled if for example, parents can book for their children. 

Select number of people when creating a booking

When customers go to your online booking page, they will be asked to select the number of people they want to book for.


When you create a booking in your Bookeo account, you will be able to input the number of people per each category in the "What" section of the booking window.