Integration with Deal of the day websites (GroupOn, LivingSocial, Amazon..) and multiple coupon codes promotions

Bookeo integrates with daily deals site like Groupon and LivingSocial. You can define promotions linked to coupon codes purchased by customers, so that every coupon code is validated and the discount automatically applied to the booking. 

In this article:

Create a Multiple coupon code promotion

1. Go to Marketing>Promotions

2. Click on the New promotion button.

3. Type the name [1] of the promotion and, if you want, its description [2] .

4. In the Promotion type section, from the scroll down menu, select multiple coupon codes (GroupOn, LivingSocial..)  [3] 

5. In the Coupon code section, click on the Choose file [4] button to upload a .csv or .xls file containing coupon codes that Groupon, LivingSocial etc. will provide.  

Custom codes are not automatically created by Groupon unless requested: you should ask your GroupOn representative to provide the codes before your promotion starts so you can upload them into Bookeo. 

6. From the Max. coupons per booking [5] scroll down menu, select how many coupons can be used in a single booking. For example you can set maximum 1 coupon per booking, or as many coupons as the number of participants.

7. Enable the Allow duplicates [6] checkbox if you want customers to make more than one booking with the same coupon number

If you want to allow duplicates, you will have to upload the same coupon file for all the number of bookings allowed with the same coupon. For example, if customers can make 3 bookings with the same coupon number, you will have to upload the same coupon file 3 times.

Complete settings for this promotion, click Save and you will be able to upload the same coupon file again.

8. Enable the Skip first row [7] checkbox if your file does not contain coupon codes in the first row.

9. If you are running a promotion with Rolling Expiry dates, tick the Expiration date [8] checkbox. If you tick this checkbox, Bookeo will take the expiration date of the coupon from the second column of the spreadsheet. 

The coupon can only be used if the date booked is on or before the expiration date.

Excel cells must be formatted as text.

1. In your Excel spreadsheet, select the column you want to format.
2. Right-click, and then click Format Cells.
3. On the Number tab, click Text.
4. Save

Select the services

1. In the Services [9] section, select the services for which the promotion will be valid, ticking the checkbox next to each service you provide.


2.  In the Private bookings section, tick the checkbox this promotion can be used for private bookings if you want to enable the promotion for private bookings. This checkbox should be ticked if you want to apply the promotion to private bookings, and:
  • In the Schedule tab, in the Private section, the class/tour/workshop is set as private
  • You offer the class/tour/workshop as a group and private event - as set in the Price tab, in the Private event option section. Click here for more information

Discount types

1. In the Discount section, set the amount of the fixed or percent discount


  • If you set a fixed or percent discount, the discount will be applied to any booking made using the specific promotion code. Click here if you want to apply the discount only when the booking is made for a specific number of participants.

  • If you allow multiple coupons (more than 1) per booking, you have to set a Fixed discount and select a Per coupon discount


  • If you offer additional options to upsell your booking, you have to set a Fixed discount. If you set the discount as 100%, the additional options will be offered with a 100% discount.

2. In the Pay later section, tick the Allow deferred payment checkbox if you want your customers to be able to choose if they want to pay at the time of booking or at a later time. 

Additional taxes

In the Additional taxes section, you can:

  • set a tax that will be charged when this promotion is used 
  • waive a fixed tax when this promotion is used 

Add a tax

1. In the Additional Tax section, you can set up a fixed tax that will be charged per coupon.Please check your State’s tax policy on daily deals. Some US states will charge sales tax on the full amount of the purchase, as if there was no coupon. Others will not include the amount of the coupon in the taxable amount.

2. Click on the New button

3. From the Tax scroll down menu, select the tax

4. Set the fixed tax

5. Save

Waive a tax

If you set a fixed discount and want to waive a fixed tax or fee, set in Settings>Taxes, you should create a negative Additional Tax. For example, if you charge a $2 admin fee per booking, you should set a -2 Additional Tax for that fee

1. In the Additional Tax section, click on the New button

2. From the Tax scroll down menu, select the tax

3. Set the fixed tax inputting a negative amount, for example -2

4. Save

Promotion validity

1. Input the validity of the promotion. Select if the promotion is:

  • always valid, or
  • if the booking or the time booked must be within specific dates.

2.  To create the validity period, click on the New period button and:

a. Select the start and end dates to define the promotion period

b. Select the start and end time during these days or tick the "All day" checkbox

c. Select "do not repeat"

3. In the Days and Times section, you can restrict the days and times when the promotion is valid. Simply select "the start time of the booking must be within one of the following intervals.." and set when the promotion is valid. In our example, the promotion is valid if the time booked is within Monday to Fridays, 9am to 6pm.

4. In the Early bird section, you 
can offer the promotion only to customers that book a specific time in advance, for example, upto 1 week before the appointment.

5. In the Number of participants section, you can select a minimum and maximum number of participants the promotion will work for per booking. For example, if a promotion is only valid for a booking with 4 participants, you should set min. 4, max. 4 participants. If a promotion is valid for upto 4 participants, then you will set min. 1, max 4 participants.

Gift vouchers

1. In the Gift vouchers [10] section, you can select if the promotion can be used when customers purchase a specific gift voucher.

It is not possible to apply a promotion to gift vouchers if:

  • the promotion is set to be valid only on specific days/times of the week
  • the promotion is valid only if the the time booked is within specific periods

2. In the Refund policy [11] section, you can set if and when you want to refund coupon codes if customers cancel their bookings.

3. Save

Manage existing coupon codes

Once the promotion is created, you will be able to manage, add or replace existing coupon codes.

1. Go to Marketing>Promotions 

2. Click on the specific promotion.

3. In the Coupon codes section, click on the Manage [12] button to get a report of how the promotion has been used. 

4. You will be able to see when the coupons were used, and for which booking or gift voucher, and their expiration date if it was set.

You can click on a coupon to change its expiry date.

You can click on the NEW button to manually add a new coupon.

You can also import new coupon codes. Click here for more information.

Share promotions

You can copy the promotion link and share it with your customers, or you can click on the Facebook [13] and Twitter [14] button to post your promotion.

Posting your promotion on Facebook

Facebook does not allow you to post directly on your Facebook business page from any application, including Bookeo. To post your promotion on Facebook, you need to integrate Bookeo into your Facebook account. 

Posting your promotion on Twitter

1. Click on the Twitter button next to the promotion you want to post.

2. You will be required to confirm the message you want to post. 

The message is then posted on Twitter

By clicking on the link, customer will be redirected to your booking page, where Bookeo will show discounted prices next to strikethrough standard prices.