Gift vouchers purchase and notification in Bookeo

Once generic gift vouchers and/or specific gift vouchers are enabled in you Bookeo account, customers can purchase them:

When customers buy a gift voucher, they:

  • are required to select a dollar amount (for generic gift vouchers) or a specific service (for specific gift vouchers)
  • are informed about the validity of the voucher

Gift voucher certificate

Customers can print a Gift voucher certificate that they can give to their loved ones by clicking on the Print button at end of the buying process. They will also receive a copy of the certificate by email.

The certificate contains information about the gift voucher, the gift voucher number, its expiry date and information on how to redeem the voucher.

Example of gift voucher certificate

Notification of gift voucher purchase in Bookeo

When customers buy a gift voucher online:

1. A message will show in your Bookeo Home page.

2. You can click on the message to be redirected to the customer's profile. Click on the Gift vouchers tab.

3. Here you will see gift vouchers purchased and redeemed by the customer. You can also see any Residual amount left [1] on generic gift vouchers.