Sync Bookeo with iPhone

It is very easy to sync your Bookeo calendar with your iPhone/iPad calendar.

Bookeo can just become another calendar that your iPhone 'Calendar' app subscribes to, and new bookings will show up automatically in your iPhone. 

In this article:

Method 1: 1-way sync, no Google account

​This method is quick and easy if you don't want to use a Google account for 2 way sync, and are happy with one way sync only (from Bookeo to your iPhone). Your Iphone is updated with appointments that occur in the next 60 days.

1. Go to your Bookeo Calendar

2. Click on the iCal button at the bottom

3. From the scroll down menu [1], select the calendar(s) you want to sync to your iPhone

4. Tick the Use fixed times checkbox [2] if you want Bookeo to send data in GMT timezone. Click here for more information on the Use fixed times function.

5. Copy the Web address [3]

6. Use a mail client to send an email to your phone. Paste the web address in the email.

7. Open the email in your iPhone, and click on the web address that is in the email

8. Your iPhone will ask if you want to subscribe to the calendar - answer Yes.

From now on, your iPhone will periodically check your Bookeo calendar for new/changed bookings, and will show them in your Calendar app.

How to remove the Bookeo calendar from your phone

If you want to remove the Bookeo calendar from your phone, please see

Method 2: 2-way sync via Google 

This method requires a Google account (free), and allows full 2-way sync (Bookeo to phone and phone to Bookeo).

1. enable and configure Google Calendar sync between Bookeo and Google

2. configure sync between your phone and Google. See