How to collect tips/payments in Bookeo Tours and Activities

If you want to collect tips or donations online when customers make a booking, you should create an additional number option to your tours and activities.

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1. For:

- Tours: Go to Settings>Tours. Click on a tour and go to the Options tab

Open Schedule tours: Go to Settings>Tours. Click on an 
Open schedule tour and go to the Itinerary and other options tab. 

2. Click on the New option button

3. From the Type [1] scroll down menu, select the customer enters a number 

4. In the Title [2] field input the name of the option, for example "tip" or "donation" and its Description [3].    

Input the minimum, maximum and default value [4]. The minimum and default value should be left as 0.

The maximum value is the maximum tip/donation you want to collect, for example $20.

6. Tick the Price [5] checkbox

7. In the Price [6] field, input a unit price, for example $1. So if customers select a value of 5, they will donate $5.

8. For
Open schedule tours only: In the Restrictions section, set for which tours this option is available. From the Enable [7] scroll down menu, select:

  • this option is enabled for every service, or
  • this option is only enabled for the following services.. and tick [8] the services for which it is enabled.

9. Save