Prepaid packages purchase and notification in Bookeo

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How can customers purchase a prepaid package?

Once prepaid packages are enabled in you Bookeo account, customers can buy them from the customer area, or you can put the link provided in Marketing>Prepaid Packages on your website. 

When customers click on the link, they will be asked to sign in, or to register for a new customer account if they don't have one. This is necessary, because Bookeo must identify customers to be sure it assigns the credits to the right person. Click on the link for more information on how to set customer registration in Bookeo.

After they sign in or sign up, customers will enter the customer area:

They can click on the Prepaid packages button and proceed with the purchase.

Notification of prepaid package purchase in Bookeo

When customers buy a prepaid package online, a message will appear in your Bookeo homepage.

You will be able to check the usage of prepaid credits by going to Customers, clicking on the desired customer's profile and going to the Prepaid credits tab.

Customers will be able to monitor their prepaid credits from the customer area,  by clicking on Your prepaid credits.