Can customers create an account with my business (Customer Registration)?

Customer registration lets your customers create an account with your business when they make a booking, so that they can sign in as returning customers next time they visit your booking page.
In order to register, customers will have to provide an email address and a password, or sign up/sign in using Facebook

Customer registration makes the booking process quicker, as customers do not have to input their full details every time, and leaves you with a more organized customer archive - without duplicate customers. During customer registration, you can collect customer details in standard and custom fields.

In this article:

Enable customer registration

1. Go to Settings>Booking preferences

​2. In the Registration section, tick the Password [1] checkbox.

3. From the Sign in [2] scroll down menu, select when customers can sign in as returning customers:

  • after selecting the service they want to book: select Existing customers can sign in from the 'customer detail' page  
  • when they visit your booking page: select Existing customers can sign at the start of the booking process, or from the 'customer detail' page  

4. Tick the Enable Facebook sign in [3] checkbox if you want customers to sign up and sign in using their Facebook credentials.            

5. Save 

Disable customer registration

1. Go to Settings>Booking preferences

2. In the Registration section, untick the Password checkbox.

3. Save 


If you disable customers registration, you can still integrate a link to the customer area in your web site, to allow customers to create an account with you.