Customers can see/select staff and locations in Bookeo Appointments

Once you have set up your resources in your Bookeo Appointments account, you can decide if you want to show your staff and locations to your customers, and if your customers can select your staff and locations when making a booking.

In this article:

Show your staff/locations to customers when they make a booking

1. Go to Settings>Resources

2. Click on the type of resource to open it

3. In the Show to customers section, tick the checkbox Show this type of resource to customers if you want your customers to see this resource when they make a booking.

How your staff/locations will be selected when a booking is made online

In the Resource selection section, you can set how resources will be selected when a booking is made:

a. Automatic selection by Bookeo

In the Automatic selection section, from the scroll down menu, select how the resources of this resource type will be automatically selected by Bookeo when a booking is created. This option can be used if more than a member of your staff can offer the same service and/or if a service can be offered in multiple locations.

b. Manual selection by customers

In the Manual selection section, you can tick the checkbox Allow customers to select the resources when booking if you want customers to select a resource  when they make a booking.


If the option allow customers to choose first available is ticked, customers will be able to select a resource or to select that they want to make a booking with the first available resource.

If the option allow customers to choose first available is unticked, customers will have to select a resource to make a booking, as shown in the screenshot below: