Create and define your staff (teachers, instructors...) in Bookeo Classes and Courses

You can set and define your staff in your Bookeo Classes and Courses account. You can decide if you want to show your staff to your customers when they make a booking, and if they can select them.

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Create a resource type

1. Go to Settings>Resources

2. Click on the New type of resource button

3. Specify the Name of your resource type

a. In the Generic name section, choose the name of this resource type (i.e. teachers, instructors...) from the scroll down menu

b. If the name of your staff is not in the list, you can specify it selecting Other from the scroll down menu, then input the custom name. 

Create resources for this resource type

1. Click on the New resource button to define the resources of this type

2. Input the name of the resource (i.e. Kelly, Paul, Teacher 1, Teacher 2...) and, if you want, its description (profile, experience...)

3. If you want, you can upload an image for this resource, that customers will see when they make a booking.

4. If you want, you can type a confirmation message that will be sent in confirmation and reminder emails to customers when this resource is booked.

Set availability for your resources

(this setting will show only if you have set up personal lessons in your account)

1. Weekly availability schedule for personal classes

From the scroll down menu, select
  • Use opening hours of the business

  • Use a specific schedule for this resource and set up a specific schedule for each day of the week

2. For all classes, courses and events: you can set special availability, restricted availability or unavailability

  • you can define special time slots during which this resource is available. This is useful, for example, to set the resource as available on specific dates, or occasionally at night, besides the general availability.

  • you can set a restricted availability (i.e. only in December) or when this resource is NOT available (annual leave, and so on)

More information on how to create a new period for "Special available time slots" and "Availability".

 Please remember that it is possible to make a booking, if all the resources involved (teachers, rooms, etc.) and the service requested are available. 

You can choose a Nickname to be used internally to define this resource and to make calendar more compact. Only you and your account users will be able to see this nickname.

You can choose to show or hide a resource from customers at any time. For instance if it is no longer part of the staff or business.

You can define Permissions - what level of access the users have over this resource.

If you want, you can type Notes about this resource