Assign teachers/staff and rooms to a personal lesson

You can set which staffer can offer a personal lessons/appointments and in which room.

1. Go to Settings>Classes, Courses and Events

Click on a class to open its settings​

3. Go to the Resources tab

4. In the Types of resource section, tick the Enabled [1] checkbox to set which types of resources can provide the personal lesson.

5. In the Resources section, from the Resources [2] scroll down menu, select if:

  • the personal lesson is available with all resources. It can be provided by ANY member of your staff, in ANY room
  • the  personal lesson is only available with the selected resources  and tick [3] the resources that can provide the personal lesson
  • the  personal lesson is available with all BUT the selected resources  and tick [3] the resources that can not provide the personal lesson

6. Save