Bookeo Appointments

Services priced by the hour

If you offer a service priced by the hour and customers can select the number of hours they want to book, for example a service @ $25/hr, and customers can book minimum 1 hour, maximum 8, follow the instructions below for set up. Step 1. Create a new Service with...

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Create categories in Bookeo Appointments

Categories lets you organize services in groups, for easier navigation by customers. For example you can create a massage and a waxing category and list all your services under them. Example of categories of services To create a category: 1. Go to Settings>Services offered and additional options 2. Go the...

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Set up a business with multiple staff working in one location

If you have multiple staff working in one studio, or location, you will simply have to set up your staff members. You can add their profile/curriculum, upload their pictures, set their availability and so on. If some staff members can work in specific rooms only, of if some services can...

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