Bookeo Classes and Courses

Assign location and staff to a class, course or event

Bookeo lets you set the staff and locations for a class, course or event. Click on the links for information on how to assign staff and locations to personal classes: held in multiple equivalent locations taught by the same teachers in any location held in multiple locations taught by different...

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Assign teachers/staff and locations to a personal lesson

You can set which staffer can offer a personal lessons/appointments and in which location. 1. Go to Settings>Classes, Courses and Events 2. Go to the Resources tab 3. In the Types of resource section, tick the Enabled [1] checkbox to set which types of resources can provide the personal lesson....

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Customize classes, courses and events names

The name of the classes, courses and events you offer are fully customizable in Bookeo. Once you have set up your classes, courses and events: 1. Go to Settings>Classes, Courses, events 2. In the Name section, you can choose the name that describes the classes you offer from a scroll...

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