Customer Reviews

How can I collect and publish customer reviews?

Bookeo lets you ask customers to rate their experience, and leave a review or feedback message with comments and suggestions. You can customize the review request email that will be sent to your customers. Click here for more information. Bookeo notifies you of every new review you receive, and you...

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Publish Customer Reviews with the Customer Reviews Widget

You can publish Customer Reviews with the Customer Reviews Widget in any page of your website. The widget shows the review "Summary" with a link leading to the full review. Customers will be able to scroll through your published reviews. You can customize the colors, size and language of the...

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Can I generate Customer Reviews Reports?

In Bookeo you can create reports of your customer reviews by date, rating, status, and language. 1. Go to Marketing>Reviews 2. Click on Export 3. Select the date range [1] 4. Select the Rating [2] range 5. Select the Status [3] of the reviews - In the report, Published reviews...

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