Online Payments

Payments, deposits and cancellation policies and fees

Bookeo lets you set payment terms and cancellation policies for all the services you offer. Please note that to accept online payments or collect credit card details, you have to integrate one of the payment gateways supported by Bookeo. Click here to learn more about payment gateways and online payments...

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Integration with accounting software QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

You can integrate Bookeo with QuickBooks, and export all your sales and your customer data from Bookeo straight into QuickBooks. In this article: Integration with Quickbooks Desktop Integration with Quickbooks Online Integration with Quickbooks Desktop 1. Go to Settings>Integrations 2. Click on QuickBooks 3. You can decide how to export...

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Integration with accounting softwares

Bookeo is integrated with Xero and QuickBooks. If you use another accounting software, Bookeo lets you export your booking data easily to a spreadsheet, so that you can import into other accounting tools. Click here for more information on how to create business reports in Bookeo.

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