Website integration

Can I generate my own custom booking buttons?

Bookeo provides a set of standard buttons that you can integrate into your web site, to make a new booking, buy a gift voucher and much more. If you want to use a different style for your buttons, you should create a button image using a design program such as...

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Why does the URL of my standard web booking page change?

The URL of the standard web booking page provided by Bookeo - - can be found in Marketing>Booking button and links. This is the URL you should give to your customers. When you click on this URL, the URL of the page changes to an URL similar to

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Does the content of my Bookeo widget count for SEO?

Since the Bookeo widget's content comes from the domain (even when you use the widget), any keyword contained in the widget does not count towards the SEO of your own domain. You can however list the content of the widget - for example a description of your services -...

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