General Settings

Booking cart: multiple bookings with one transaction

If you want to let customers make multiple bookings in one transaction, you can enable Bookeo's booking cart feature. 1. Go to Settings>Booking Preferences 2. Go to the Booking cart section 3. Tick the Enable [1] Allow customers to make multiple bookings in the same transaction checkbox. 4. Tick the...

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What should I do when a staff member resigns?

If a staff member resigns, you should follow the steps below to ensure smooth transition for your customers and all the users of your Bookeo account. In this article: Step 1 - Set the staff member as not available from a specific date Step 2 - Reassign future bookings to...

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What happens when you use the accept/deny bookings feature

When you enable the Accept/Deny feature, and: customers book online: you can accept, reschedule or decline the booking request. you create a booking from your calendar: you can set the booking as a booking request or automatically confirm the booking​ For step by step instructions on how to enable the...

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