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Can my customers pay for their bookings by bank transfer?

Customers cannot pay by bank transfer when making a booking on your booking page. Bank transfers can take several days and Bookeo cannot hold a booking for days waiting for payment confirmation. However, you can accept bank transfers outside of Bookeo and manually record the payment later. In this article:...

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Can I offer a faster checkout for my bookings (express checkout)?

You can offer a faster checkout for your customers, so that additional options to a booking, customer and payment details are all shown in the same page. To enable the express checkout feature: 1. Go to Settings>Booking preferences 2. In the Express checkout section, tick the Express checkout checkbox [1]....

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Can Bookeo send the daily roster/bookings for my staff?

If you want to send the daily roster/bookings to your staff, you should: 1. Set up your staff as users in account>users. Click here for more information 2. Each account user can then set the 2-way sync with Google Calendar in account>Google Calendar sync. Click here for more information. 3....

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