General Settings

What happens if I delete a resource?

Depending on the account type you are using and on how you set up the services you offered, if you delete a resource from Settings>Resources, you may delete all the bookings to which the resource was assigned. Bookeo Appointments: Services If you delete a resource used to provide a service...

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Can I duplicate a tour/class/workshop?

You can simply copy an existing tour/class/workshop, then quickly change some of its settings to create a new tour/class/workshop, with a different name. Here’s what you can duplicate depending on the account type you are using: Bookeo Appointments: workshops Bookeo Classes and courses: classes, courses, events, personal lessons Bookeo Tours...

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How to set up Terms and Conditions

Bookeo lets you set Terms and Conditions that customers must agree in order to complete their booking. You can set General Terms and Conditions to be applied to all your services and/or Terms and Conditions for a specific service. All these Terms and Conditions will be bundled in a section...

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