Integration with Google Apps account

You can sign into Bookeo directly from your Google Apps account. 1. Login to your Google Apps account. Click on more at the top left corner 2. Click on Find more services 3. Search for Bookeo in the Google Apps Marketplace, select the Bookeo version for your business (Bookeo Appointments,...

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Delete an account user

If you need to delete a user of your Bookeo account: 1. Log into Bookeo as the account owner 2. Click on the account link at the right top of your page 3. Click on Users 4. Click on the user you want to delete 5. Click on the Delete...

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Sign in process

All users can sign in to their Bookeo account by visiting the page . It is a great idea to add this to your bookmarks! The normal method used to sign in is by entering your username (your email address) and your password. This data is always transmitted over...

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