Can I send a "Thank you" (follow up) email to my customers?

You can automatically send Thank you email to your customers after their visit.

In this article:

Step 1. Set if and when you want to send the Thank you email

To set up the Thank you email

1. Go to Settings>Thank you email 

2. From the scroll down menu, select if you want to:

  • never send the Thank you email, select Do not send a thank you email

  • send the Thank you email only after the customers' first visit (default settings in all Bookeo accounts), select Send a thank you email, but only on the customer's first visit

  • send the Thank you email after each visit, select Send a thank you email, after every visit

3. In the Time section, ​you can also set how long after the end of your customers' visit, you want Bookeo to automatically send them the Thank you email.

The thank you email is sent only after the last session of a course.

​Step 2. Customize the Thank you email

You can customize the Thank you email:

  • adding your logo and business details

  • typing a customized a message for your customers. You can also type the message in one of the languages supported by Bookeo. Click on the arrow next to "English" or your default language, select the specific language and type the message. Repeat for the other languages.

  • ​If you want to automatically include Name and surname of your customers, you will have to insert the following variables in the text of the email: name: %FIRSTNAME%,  surname: %LASTNAME%.

Step 3. Ask customers to leave a Review

With the Thank you email you can also ask customers to leave a review:​

  • on Bookeo, so that you can publish it in your website. In this case, tick the Review button checkbox. Customers will be asked to rate your service, as shown below:


  • on another site, for example TripAdvisor. ​In this case, do NOT tick the Review button checkbox and, in the text of the email, include a link to the site where you want your customers to leave a review. Click here for more information.

What happens if I change settings of the Thank you email?

Changes to the timing of thank you emails are not applied to existing bookings, to avoid conflicts and duplicate thank you emails.

Changes to the text of the thank you email will apply to any email sent after the change.