Classes, courses and events visibility: any customers, members only, show to non members, Bookeo users only/hide to customers

In Bookeo Classes & Courses you can set if a class, course or event will be shown and can be booked by any customer visiting your booking page, only by members or by Bookeo account owner, manager and users.

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​1. Go to Settings>Classes, Courses, Events

2. Go to the General tab

3 In the Visibility section, you can set if:

a. All customers can see and book this class online

faceFrom the scroll down menu, select "All customers can see and book this class online".
Your class will show in your booking page and customers can book it. This is the default setting for all classes.

​b. Only current members can see and/or book this class online

​If you select "Only current members can see and book this class online", the class will only show to members who sign in or access the customer area, NOT to anyone visiting your booking page.

If you want to show the class to non members - without allowing them to make a booking for it - you should tick the checkbox "Show to non members". 

Customers clicking on a class with this settings, will be asked to sign in, since a membership is necessary to make a booking.

c. Hide a class from your booking page. Only you and authorised users can make bookings for this class

​From the scroll down menu, select "Only I and authorized users can make bookings for this class". Your customers will not be able to see and book this class.


You can see the class and create bookings for it in your Bookeo calendar.

It is a useful feature for classes that you no longer offer to your customers, or for special classes that you want to offer to special clients only.