Create an appointment/workshop booking from the back-end in Bookeo Appointments

Whether you receive a phone booking or a customer makes a booking in your shop, it is very easy to manually:

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In this article:

Create a booking for an appointment

1. Go to your Bookeo calendar

2. Go to the day when you want to create the booking

3. In the Navigation section on the left, click on + next to the Resources icon

4. The Overview mode will give you a quick view of the number of available and booked resources.
The Details mode will show the resources' calendars.


Overview mode                                                             Details mode

5. Click on the calendar of the resource for which you want to create a booking, on the time when you want to create the booking

6. Create the booking

Create a booking for a workshop 

1. Go to your Bookeo calendar
2. In the Navigation section on the left, click on All group workshops


3. Click on the + sign next to the workshop for which you want to create a booking, as shown in the screenshots below:


Rows view calendar                                                                                           Boxes view calendar

4. Create the booking

Create the booking

1. A pop up window will open with the Booking tab. Select the service/workshop, adjust the start time if necessary and select additional options.

2. To create a recurring appointment, tick the Repeat checkbox and select how often you want to repeat the booking, in which days and for how many times.

3. Go to the Customer tab and input the customer details. 

4. You can add Notes in the Notes tab. Notes are only shown to the users of your Bookeo account, not to customers.

5. You can register manual payments or process payments in the Payments tab. Please click here for instructions to charge a credit card from Bookeo's back end.

If you do not want to send a booking confirmation email to your customers, ​simply make sure that the Send email checkbox in the Booking tab of your booking is NOT ticked. Click here for more information.