Integration with BluePay

To use BluePay as your payment gateway:

1. Log into your Bookeo Account.

2. Go to Settings>Online payments

3. From the Payment gateway drop down, select BluePay .

4. E
nter your BluePay account ID and BluePay secret key.

BluePay account ID and secret key

To find your BluePay account ID and BluePay secret key, log into the Bluepay 2.0 Gateway Manager. From the Administration menu choose Accounts, then List. On the Account List, under Options on the right-hand side, choose the first icon to view the account. It looks like a pair of eyes. On the Account Admin page, you will find the ACCOUNT ID is the second item in the right-hand column and the SECRET KEY is about halfway down the page, near a large red warning.

If you do not have BluePay account yet, you can click on the link "Sign up for an BluePay account" to be directed to BluePay's home page.

Supported Banks/Acquires
BluePay supports:

  • Wells Fargo Bank